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It was a warm summer day by the river when I first saw that dress on my friend. Usually I wouldn’t notice such things as I am not that into shopping, but I was in need of new clothes and she was looking especially good that day. On asking, I found out that the dress was not only branded, but really out of my range. But then I got to thinking that it was probably out of her range too. How did she manage to snag such a pretty dress without having to worry about money? That is when I was first introduced to the idea behind discounts & deals and especially Wallis voucher codes at SuperSaverMama, which she had used to buy that dress and probably half her wardrobe.


You see, it turns out that I was not really a fan of online shopping; it felt like something unreal to me that could not possibly have the desired results we wanted. This is why I had never gotten around to ever shopping online. But now that I was seeing the results of what could be possible, I was inclined to give it a shot once more. I asked about the whole process and she explained to me there and then.

Next thing I know is I’m going home and logging into my computer to check out the different options I have for shopping online. Knowing that Wallis is also part of the online shopping market, I decided to give it a try too to see if there was something I could afford. It turned out that the promo codes technique that my friend had told me actually worked wonders and I could afford most of the things that they were offering with them.


I did not waste much time after that in trying to find the best clothes possible, including a few dresses and other assorted items, filling my cart with dresses I could only dream of owning otherwise. It was like being in a movie where you suddenly hit the jackpot and can afford everything. I placed the order by using the promo codes and it took less than a week to get everything to me.

I could not believe the luck I was having that day as I saved more than I would have had I gone and shopped the same amount of clothes from another place. It took that day only and Wallis to build up my trust in online shopping, and I know that I will definitely be shopping online in the future as well.

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